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Taste Test: Plant Power Fast Food (San Diego, CA)

Last week, I started seeing photos on Instagram for some new vegan place down in Encinitas. Within a few days, there were photos EVERYWHERE, including all over Mike’s Instagram feed from some surfer he follows. We took it as a sign that we needed to go try it. So we adventured down to Encinitas to try the newly-opened Plant Power Fast Food.

I tried to figure out what I wanted before I got there, but no such luck. When it’s an entire vegan menu, I get so overwhelmed. It’s a good kind of overwhelmed, like I-want-everything-on-the-menu overwhelmed.

PPFF1My boyfriend got the Buffalo ’66 (spicy buffalo chicken sandwich), I got The Rambler (barbecue sauce, crispy onion rings, “beefy” patty (and I got it lettuce-wrapped)), and then we split the Voodoo Fries and the chicken tenders.

PPFF2                PPFF3

Voodoo Fries: french fries topped with ‘cheese’, secret sauce, and caramelized onions. Basically In n’ Out animal fries. BUT VEGAN. The chicken tenders were scary accurate. Like to the point that I pulled the menu back up to make sure that place was 100% vegan and I didn’t somehow get real chicken. They’re crispy and amazing and I could go on and on about how much I loved these things.

First of all, it was FREAKING DELICIOUS.
Second of all, it was reasonably priced ($25 for all that!), easily accessible, and overall the service was great (we came at the lunch rush so there was a pretty long line, but we still got through in about 10 minutes). And third of all, I feel like this is a great step towards making vegan more normalized. It’s also a great way to make a vegan diet more ‘accessible’, since I know a lot of people struggle with planning their meals ahead of time and just want something quick for lunch.

This place was amazing. We’re already planning a second trip. If you’re ever in Encinitas or San Diego (they have two locations), check it out!


“Hey babe look, that’s what I ordered!”


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