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Taste Test: Nekter Juice Bar (San Diego, CA)

This post is sponsored by Nekter.

It’s no secret that I’m a huuuuge fan of Nekter. I’m not quiet about it. I shout it from the rooftops.

Taste Test: Nekter Juice Bar (San Diego, CA)

For anyone who hasn’t been there, Nekter is a juice bar that serves smoothies, juices, acai bowls, and snacks, as well as a full juice cleanse. They make the best acai bowl EVER and I’d bet money on it.
Truth is, I was already planning on doing a Taste Test of Nekter (I plan on doing it for all my favorite vegan places), but for this post I was able to partner with them, which means that I got to try menu items that I haven’t tried before! Like this blended green juice, which is literally a cross between a juice and a smoothie and is SO GOOD that I drank an entire 24 ounce cup in five minutes… oops.

Taste Test: Nekter Juice Bar (San Diego, CA)

Mike used to bring me acai bowls for lunch when I was working at a bakery down the street, and I never got tired of them. My favorite is the Peanut Butter, but the Tropical Coconut one is a close second (I don’t think the Tropical Coconut is on their menu anymore, but the Nekter we go to will still make it if you ask). And just for fun, here’s a few photos from my scrapbooks, featuring a lot of Nekter, me with pink hair, and our chameleon:

Taste Test: Nekter Juice Bar (San Diego, CA)   Taste Test: Nekter Juice Bar (San Diego, CA)   Taste Test: Nekter Juice Bar (San Diego, CA)

I’ve been a long time addict fan.
Aaand I don’t know HOW, but I honestly didn’t know that they had an app. I downloaded it, and it’s awesome. You get points for every item you purchase, and then you can use those points to get rewards, aka free food. And free food is my love language, so you bet I signed up. Here’s a handy little chart that explains how easy using the app is:

Taste Test: Nekter Juice Bar (San Diego, CA)

Plus you get a free drink on your birthday, AND a free drink every time you refer a friend. Score.
If you’ve been there, comment down below what your favorite drink is, and if you haven’t been, go check it out! Order the Peanut Butter Acai Bowl… trust me.

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Thank you to Nekter for sponsoring this post!
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