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Taste Test: Donut Friend (Los Angeles, CA)

This morning I woke up craving a donut. And not just any donut, but the best donuts in the world. CURSE YOU, DONUT FRIEND, WHY MUST YOU BE SO FAR AWAY.
Today I am going to share with you my undying love for Donut Friend, a 100% vegan donut shop up in LA.

As a vegan, I’m used to only having one option on a menu, no big deal. When there’s two or three options, I get so excited to have choices. But walking into an all-vegan bakery and being able to eat ANYTHING they have is almost overwhelming. These donuts aren’t just “good for vegan donuts”, they’re just GOOD DONUTS. And not only do they taste even better than they look, but every single one of these donuts is named after a punk band (and I’m a sucker for a good pun).


The pictures above are from the first time we went to Donut Friend about two years ago, and the photo below is from a trip up to LA for my boyfriend’s birthday. Every time we go, we get a dozen (which costs around $30) and it only lasts us two to three days. They’re ADDICTING. Here are my recommendations (all of which are in the photo below):

  • S’Morrissey (my boyfriend’s favorite): chocolate donut with graham crumbs & marshmallows
  • Husker Blu (my favorite): blueberry donut with blueberry glaze
  • Poppyghandi: lemon poppyseed
  • Javabreaker: coffee donut with espresso glaze
  • Polar Berry Club: vanilla donut with lemon glaze & fresh berries
  • Fritter Seems Forever: crispy fritter packed with fresh fruit

The list goes on and on and on. We haven’t even tried half the menu yet, so I’m sure there’s a ton of other amazing flavors. Plus if (for some reason) none of the available donuts sound good, you can create your own. What.

If you are ever up in LA, please go check them out!



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