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Some Things on a Sunday, 7

Welcome to my series, Some Things on a Sunday!
Every Sunday, I like to share my random thoughts & cool things I’ve found, along with a weekly recap and some photos from the week. Enjoy!
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  • First of all, happy new year and I hope everyone had a great holiday season!
  • Let’s start off with a clip from my favorite show: Don’t Stop Letting People Not Help.
  • I made (a vegan version of) this spicy sausage, kale, potato, and kale soup this week and it was SO GOOD.
  • 2017 was not a great year, but at least a little good came out of it.: veganism is skyrocketing! The demand for vegan food has increased over 980%, and people in the UK are eating 50% less beef. I know a lot of people are plant-based for their health (which is awesome!), but if you’re plant-based because of animals (like me), this is so exciting.
  • Still obsessed with this DIY Terrarium Coffee Table from A Beautiful Mess.
  • This skirt is perfect.
  • These croissant rolls look AMAZING.
  • I LOOOVE DIY cake stands, and these gold geometric cake stands look awesome.
  • I just got over the worst sickness of my entire life (not an exaggeration). I don’t know if I had what everyone else has, but it was BAD. And while I was bedridden, I started watching Black Mirror and HOLY COW that show is great!
  • Also, I always made fun of people who are like, “Black Mirror is the future, man, that’s where society is headed”. But now that I’ve seen it, I’m like, “Yeah, no, that’s definitely where society is headed”. Hahah.
  • Mike and I are also binge-watching the new Planet Earth. Call me a nerd, but man I love that show.
  • Chocolate Espresso Cinnamon Rolls? Yes please.
  • I have been shutting down all my old social media this week and it feels so. good.
  • Speaking of change: 12 Things to Cut out of Your Life in 2018.
  • One more video… just because I love them so much.
  • I’m feeling so energized and excited about the new year. In 2018, I’m hoping to grow my blog & my Twitch channel, eat healthier/exercise every day, help animals in any way I can, learn to stress less, and buy a house. What about you, what are your new years resolutions?

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I hope everyone has a great week! ♡


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