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Some Things on a Sunday, 5

Welcome to my series, Some Things on a Sunday!
Every Sunday, I like to share my random thoughts & cool things I’ve found, along with a weekly recap and some photos from the week. Enjoy!
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  • First of all, we finished season 2 of Stranger Things! We’ve been trying to space it out so we don’t binge watch it, because then it’s over and I’m sad. It was AMAZING but I have a lot of thoughts, mostly that Max’s character was absolutely and completely pointless. I thought her and Billy would have some big secret or something (Mike thought they were spies, like most people did), but apparently the writers came out and basically said, “no, they don’t have a secret, they’re just poorly written because we just ran out of time”, which is super weird? And what the heck happened with that trainwreck of an episode in the middle, the one with Eight? Also super weird. But I’ll hold my judgements until the third season. #ElevenForever
  • Also, I want an Eleven tattoo. That is all.
  • I looove this DIY indoor water garden.
  • Sausage gravy stuffed biscuits? My boyfriend would die.
  • I LOVE Target’s Dollar Section, and I literally just found out you can order the stuff online. Has it always been there or did it just recently happen? Either way I’m excited, but I’ll probably still go shop the dollar aisle in person. There’s something about blocking aisles and fighting middle-aged soccer moms for a $3 tart pan that really makes me smile.
  • Plant wall in the bathroom? Love it.
  • World Market, stop coming out with so many cute things like this white nightstand. I’m going to go broke.
  • Might need to make a vegan version of this beer cheddar sauce, like now.
  • This measuring cup set is too much to handle.
  • This DIY is way too cute. Cassie might be getting some new cat bowls soon.
  • I’ve been stressing about Instagram lately. I have two accounts, one for my blog and one that’s more “personal”. It’s getting annoying having to separate my follows/likes between the two, so I want to delete my personal account. But I don’t know if my blog followers would hate to see my tattoo modeling and stuff about Twitch/video games? Even though my blog already has that stuff? Ugh, I don’t know. Help. Someone tell me what to do.
  • Definitely going to DIY this macrame room divider. Too cute.
  • I have been wanting this Target accent cabinet forever. Teal, please.
  • This gold pipe curtain rod is so awesome.
  • Aaand last but not least, I have some super exciting news. I got my first brand deal! I’ve had this blog for less than three months and now a (really big) company wants to work with me. Ahhh! Time to celebrate and Treat Yo’ Self (maybe to that Eleven tattoo)!
  • One more thing, I just need to say thank you to you guys! Thank you for the follows, the shares, and all the support. Thank you a million times. I love ya.

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