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Welcome to my series, Some Things on a Sunday!
I always love reading the “weekly round-up” segment that a lot of blogs do, so here is my version. Every Sunday, I like to share my random thoughts & cool things I’ve found, along with a weekly recap and some photos from the week. Enjoy!
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  • Happy October! My favorite month, full of candy, fall baking, Halloween costume shopping, and most importantly STRANGER THINGS. I’m so excited for the second season, I want to make this cake to celebrate.
  • I saw the best thing the other day where an Overwatch fan showed their mom a picture of Overwatch characters and asked her to describe them. I want to do this! Mother, if you’re reading this, we are doing this for a video soon. Surprise.
  • The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs is coming out next month! The pets were my favorite part of The Sims 3 (mostly just because I was able to make a cat that looked pretty darn close to Cassie), so I’m really excited to see what all will be available in this game!
  • I can’t wait to make this DIY acrylic calendar. Too cute.
  • I’ve been feeling sick this week, so while I’m bedridden I’ve been rewatching AHS Freak Show and wow, I forgot how entertaining that season is. The ending feels super rushed and lazy, but DANDY. Ugh I love that character, right down to his pigeon toes. Here’s a very small segment of my live tweeting:
  • Mike has been playing that new game Fortnite (or as I like to call it, “Disney Channel PUBG”) and boy howdy that game is a mess. It’s SO GLITCHY but somehow so… entertaining.
  • These brownies are definitely on my to-do list.


they’re definitely plotting // mike made crepes!
waiting for my dunkin sponsorship // what the pho

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