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I’m going to be honest with you. I love fashion styling. I actually wanted to be a fashion designer for the better part of my life until I realized that I was narcissistic and prefer being in front of the camera. And yes, granted, I usually dress like I’m going to a funeral, but I love fashion and it’s something I wanted to share on my blog. So when Mike and I got home from Target (how glamorous our life is), I was like, “YOU KNOW WHAT, FIRST STYLE POST FOR THE BLOG, I’M DOING IT, HELL YEAH”.
And I took these photos and felt all cute, and then I went to put together a Shop the Look for this post and that’s when I realized that I’m a terrible fashion blogger.

Turns out, none of these items are even available anymore.

Sooo I made a Shop the Look gallery of similar items at similar prices. That Volcom beanie is my favorite.

My Positive Vibes beanie is from an artist named Charlavail who I have loved forever. She’s amazing and Mike bought me some of her stuff for Christmas a few years ago. Here’s what the beanie looks like (yes, I have both of them, but this image is from Google):


Black Tank – Lush, Nordstrom // Black Leggings – Styles for Less
America Shoes – Target // Clear Choker – Hot Topic // ‘Positive Vibes’ Beanie – Charlavail

Shop the Look (Kind of)

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