Changes are Coming…

Hello, friends. It’s been a minute!

I figured a post was in order instead of a few words on Twitter or a super annoying Instagram story (does anyone actually read those?). I’ll get right to it: Panthers & Peonies is getting a makeover! Well, not a makeover on the surface, since I just recently updated my theme and love it. But the content will be changing drastically to be more creative and photography-based, and just generally more… me. I don’t know why sharing anything about myself (literally anything, even something stupid like my favorite type of pizza) makes me feel so vulnerable, but I feel that it’s necessary. Here we go.

My entire life, I’ve loved photography. Throughout high school, I’d go on walks and just take photos, hundreds of photos, of everything. College was spent taking photos of friends, artsy photos of myself & my apartment, and making tons of stop-motion videos. Pastry is my life, but photography is what keeps my soul happy.

Changes are Coming...

Changes are Coming...Hello, angsty college photos.

I love food photography, and I love every single recipe I’ve posted, but it hasn’t been as fulfilling as I had hoped it would. I sort of lost my creativity and passion over the last two months. It’s crazy, because this is my personal blog and I should be able to write about anything I want, but I’m so terrified of showing the “weird” parts of my life (tattoo flash on the walls! an all-black wardrobe! a girl who likes video games! gasp!) that I completely took myself out of it, which means every post is lacking any form of personality. No more of that! I’m saying goodbye to the old way of doing things! It hasn’t been making me happy, and this year is all about trying to do what makes me happy.

Changes are Coming...

So… in a nutshell, Panthers & Peonies is evolving and will be turning into a photography blog (with some recipes thrown in). I’m not talking about oversharing (because I don’t share a lot, even with my own family), and I’m not talking about suddenly only posting tattoos and cosplay photoshoots, or talking more like “myself” (that’s what Twitch is for). But more just a place to share real life and snippets of every day, even the boring stuff. Life isn’t always perfect, and I’ve realized (very recently) that’s ok.

Changes are Coming...

The bottom line is that this blog hasn’t yet become a career, so changing things will cause no loss in my life (financial or otherwise), only gain. I’ll be posting travel diaries and photos, plus random photos with little stories or song lyrics or angsty captions, just like I did through college. I’ll be opening a print shop, and not only that, but I’m going to (somehow) make it so you can actually buy any photo you see on the blog, which I think will be super cool.

Thank you guys so much for hanging in there. I feel really good about this change, and I hope you guys enjoy it too!


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