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9 Vegan Chocolate Bars to Fill Your Easter Basket

9 Vegan Chocolate Bars to Fill Your Easter Basket

Easter is only a few days away. Which is crazy, because it feels like last week we were saying goodbye to 2018, and now we’re saying goodbye to April. But whether or not you celebrate Easter, it’s a chance to spend time with family, eat some delicious food, and most importantly, eat CHOCOLATE.

It can be a little tricky to find vegan chocolate bars, especially when you’re in a rush. Ingredient lists can be so hard to navigate, and most brands don’t flat-out say whether or not their products are vegan. So I’ve compiled a list for you of my favorite vegan chocolate bars to stock up on for Easter. And the best part? Most of these chocolate bars can be ordered on Amazon, which means you’ll get them just in time for Easter 🙂

Note: some of these chocolate bars are made in the same facility as milk chocolate bars, so if you have an allergy, make sure to double check the websites.

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Justin’s is one of my favorite companies of all time. Not only are their almond butters out-of-this-world delicious, but they are also the nicest company I’ve ever talked to. Their dark chocolate peanut butter cups are one of my top 5 favorite snacks, for sure.

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars

Endangered Species holds a special place in my heart. First and foremost, my boyfriend gets me one of their dark chocolate bars on almost every holiday. But more importantly, Endangered believes in giving back. 10% of their profits go towards different charities and organizations that help with conservation.
If you like dark chocolate, you’ll love their chocolate bars. Try the Salted Peanuts + Dark Chocolate bar or the Raspberries + Dark Chocolate bar. The 88% Dark Chocolate bar is crazy good too!

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Bars

Trader Joe’s, aka My Personal Heaven on Earth, has so many options for vegan chocolate. Not only are their chocolate chips accidentally vegan, but the Pound Plus Dark Chocolate and 72% Dark Chocolate bars are too. They also have a constantly-changing variety of smaller chocolate bars, but not all of them are vegan so be sure to check the ingredients list.

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Bars

Alter Eco is another chocolate company that I love. My favorites are the Quinoa Crunch bar and the Salted Almonds bar. They even have a vegan variety pack of chocolate bars that you can order through their website!

Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Bars

Enjoy Life makes some of the best chocolate chips out there, but did you know they also have chocolate bars? And they’re delicious.

Lindt Dark Chocolate Bars

Lindt has a few dark chocolate bars that are suitable for vegans. The 70% Dark Chocolate Bar and the 85% Dark Chocolate Bar are both 100% vegan and 100% delicious.

No Whey! Choco No No’s

No Whey has a ton of vegan options: milk chocolate bunnies, cream eggs, truffles, brownies, and bars. But my personal favorite are the Choco No No’s: a 100% vegan version of M&M’s.

Go Max Go Vegan-ized Candy Bars

I was never really a candy bar type of person. Of course I ate them every once in a while, but it was never my snack of choice. But something about going vegan has me craving a candy bar every once in a while! In steps Go Max Go to make all my vegan candy bar dreams come true. They offer all the classics (Twix, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, etc.) in a delicious, personal-sized vegan candy bar. The Twilight Bar (aka Milky Way) is my favorite!


Chocolove is a company making chocolate bars in some crazy delicious flavors. Coffee crunch? Pretzels? Grapefruit? Sign me up.
For a delicious vegan option, try the Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate Bar or the Raspberries in Dark Chocolate bar.

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