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15 Recipes for When You’re Stuck at Home (Social Distancing Pantry Recipes)

If you’re making the decision to social distance yourself, I’m sure you’re starting to go a little stir-crazy right about now. It’s a great time to pick up a new hobby or spend a little extra time in the kitchen. I’ve put together a list of my favorite pantry recipes (recipes using only ingredients from your pantry, meaning no trips to the grocery store!) to bake during quarantine. Enjoy!

1. The Best Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Pantry Recipes: The Best Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Everybody needs a good banana bread recipe, and this one is delicious. Soft inside, slightly crispy on the edges, and packed full of chocolate chips and walnuts!

2. Kitchen Sink Blondies

Pantry Recipes: Kitchen Sink Blondies

This recipe for Kitchen Sink Blondies is the perfect pantry recipe. Once you make the base blondie recipe, you can add in literally anything you find in the cupboard. Cereal, chocolate, nuts, whatever you want!

3. Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pantry Recipes: Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the quintessential chocolate chip cookie recipe. Buttery, crispy, and full of melty chocolate chips.

4. Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Pantry Recipes: Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Mug cakes are one of my favorite stay-at-home recipes. Especially when they involve peanut butter and chocolate!

5. English Muffin Bread

Pantry Recipes: English Muffin Bread

6. Snickerdoodle Blondie Cake

Pantry Recipes: Snickerdoodle Blondie Cake

Warm, fluffy, cinnamon-filled snickerdoodle cookies in cake form. What could be better?

7. Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins

Pantry Recipes: Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins

Buttery, crumbly muffins packed with blueberries. This recipe is even easier if you have a bag of blueberries in the freezer!

8. Vanilla Bean Espresso Scones

Pantry Recipes: Vanilla Bean Espresso Scones

9. The Best Vegan Brownies

Pantry Recipes: The Best Vegan Brownies

These brownies are fudgy, chocolatey, and topped with a peanut butter swirl. The perfect brownie!

10. Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins

Pantry Recipes: Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins

Using store-bought orange juice makes these muffins super easy.

11. Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread

Pantry Recipes: Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread

12. Coffee Cake Donuts

Pantry Recipes: Coffee Cake Donuts

13. Compost Cookies

Pantry Recipes: Compost Cookies

Like the Kitchen Sink Blondies, these cookies are totally customizable to whatever you have on hand.

14. Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Swirl Bread

15. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Graham Sandwiches

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Graham Sandwiches

Bonus Recipes: Sourdough

I’ve seen a toooooon of people spending their quarantine making their own sourdough starters (love). However, managing to use up that sourdough starter discard can be a little stressful. Here are a few recipes to help you out!

Sourdough Chocolate Cake

Sourdough Chocolate Cake

Blueberry Sourdough Scones

Blueberry Sourdough Scones

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

How to Make a Sourdough Starter from Scratch

How to Make a Sourdough Starter from Scratch

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